Alexander Roys is a London-based designer who established his eponymous label upon graduating from the MA course at the Royal College of Art in 2022. With his practice, Roys wants to make a point for freeing people of boundaries. He designs in order to liberate people from any protective armour - both physically and emotionally speaking.
“In my world, we are approachable, emotionally generous and sensual. I find strength in delicacy, bravery in openness.”
The collections reflect this through a sensual and inviting elegance. Traditional tailoring is being rethought in its structure to mirror transparency and generosity. The established way of constructing tailored garments in a rigid and protective way, serving the purpose of armour, is being deconstructed in favour of silhouettes that are open and sensuous. This is achieved through a more fluid and soft construction method itself as well as through layering techniques and the use of transparencies, once again referring to the approachable character of the protagonists. The collections‘ purpose is to make people feel desirable, to lift them up, to make them feel sensual and ready to have fun. Alexander Roys is an expression of radical and universal acceptance. It is about celebrating the beautiful diversity that is humanity.
“I want my work to bring people together, to make them come closer to one another without protective armour and to indulge life in a respectful hedonism.”